Ethnology Department

The Ethnology Department is concerned with the cultural history and folk traditions of the territory of Struga and the Struga Region. This region is known for the abundance of such a heritage, which comes from the diversity of the areas that consist the Struga Region, each with its own specifics. According to them the Struga Region can be divided in several areas: Struga, the Lowland Villages, Gorni Drimkol, Dolni Drimkol and Malesija. After extensive field work the ethnological museum collection was created. It includes traditional and national costumes, jewellery, traditional textile, household utilities made of metal, wood and clay, objects of traditional economy, tools and other objects for diverse use, as well as numerous photographs, audio and video material. This collection is regularly promoted and presented to the general public through the temporary or permanent thematic displays and exhibitions. The Ethnology Department organizes the annual event “Review of folk costumes” which is a traditional festival of folk costumes and folklore.