Art History Department

The Art History Department deals with research, recording and preparation of the documentation of paintings, carving, bibliographic material and another church material, but it also collects and takes care of works of contemporary art, organizes thematic exhibitions and publishes the researched material. The Struga Region is rich in churches and monasteries dating from the Byzantine Period, Post-Byzantine Period and from the Renaissance, some of them having been registered as protected cultural monuments. Four cave churches are standing out by their uniqueness and high artistic values, as well as the Oriental Basilica of the Holy Virgin Immaculate in v. Vranishta and, in the town, the Church of St. George. The Icon Gallery within the church presents collection of icons in possession of the church. Among them, the most important is the icon of St.. George from 1267, which is among the most beautiful works of medieval iconography in Macedonia. The Memorial Gallery Vangel Kodzoman also acts within the department. It is dedicated to and named after one of the founders of the modern Macedonian art. Besides the thematic exhibition of Kodzoman “Struga in the past,” exhibitions of young academic artists and other renowned authors are organized. The Gallery also stages loan exhibitions from other cultural institutions. Besides Kodzoman works, the museum has works of several Macedonian and world authors in its collection.