History Department

The activity of the History Department is aimed at collecting evidence about the history of this region, their researching and presentation. This evidence includes documents and original photographs of important figures, events and places of our history, memoirs of surviving participants in our historical past, objects of historical importance, ancient weapons, photographs of Struga and the Struga Region, as well as personal items and original documents of Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski. A memorial room was staged in his honor presenting his life and work. The House of the Miladinov Brothers is also a part of this department presenting the permanent exhibition about the life and work of these renowned poets. Anniversaries and jubilees of historical events are usually being marked with thematic exhibitions appropriate for the events. Several exhibitions have been staged so far concerning the period of the Ilinden Uprising, PLAWM, the Miladinov Brothers, as well as the exhibition “The Fighting Path of Macedonian Proletrian Brigade” as a permanent exhibition in the Memorial House of the Brigade in v. Lokov.