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  The activities of the history dept. is focused on collecting testimonies of the historical past of this area , their processing and presentation. Those testimonies are in a form of documents and original photographs of persons, places and events of our history memories of survived participants of the past artifacts with great value such as old weapons, photographs of Struga and the area personal legacies of D-r Nikola Nezlobinski.
  Since the begging of the 80`s until 1993 within this dept. of the museum was the Memorial House of the brothers Miladinovi. In this space there was displayed the richest collection of original documents facsimiles, and photographs of brothers Miladinovi, Dimitar, Constantin,and Naum. There were also placed the founds of the poetry library.

   Оn the other side because of the anuaries and jubilees of the historical events, the people in charge of this dept. are preparing and presenting thematically exhibitions according to the events that took place at the date and occasions. At this occasion we will note their number according to the events: on the period of the Ilinden Rebel, for the liberation partisan movement there were 4 exhibitions on the theme of the liberation war, for the brothers Miladinovi 3 exhibitions, two exhibitions of places, and one exhibition on the theme “ The way and the liberation fight of the 1-st Communist` Brigade ”, as a permanent exhibition at the Memorial home of the Brigade at village Lokov. Some of this exhibitions were placed also at the other cities in Macedonia, on various occasions.

Лични предмети на Никола и Софија Незлобински

Лични предмети на Никола и Софија Незлобински